Monday, August 27, 2007

MY "Jack Bauer" BAG

Anyone who has seen "24" knows that Jack Bauer has a bag full of all the things he needs to catch the bad guys. I haven't found a diaper bag that I really like yet. I wanted a cute polka dot bag but haven't seen one that is quite what I need. Instead I have this green "army- looking" bag. I noticed last season that it looks just like Jacks bag! So, here's the list of "necessities" I keep in my bag.

1. I always keep a snack with me- just in case I'm starving and need a little boost
2. Water... always need water (its so dry here!)
3. My favorite pair of sunglasses- they were $15 and make me feel like a movie star (they even match Jack's)
4. You never know when you'll have a diaper to change and need your hair out of the way
5. Pen to write my lists- which I do habitually
6. I love these binkies- these are great because they don't press against the babies mouth and give them that weird rash kids get and they don't have dancing bears with balloons on them.
7. Diaper Wipes- we always need wipes... for EVERYTHING!
8. Literally named "butt paste" You gotta love it!
9. 60+ UVA & UVB- nobody wants a burnt baby
10. My cell phone- my connection to everyone ( we don't have land lines)
11. My favorite wallet- from J Crew- I get compliments on it all the time.
12. My aunt made this awesome burp cloth- I love the colors & it's made from a towel
13. Sydney's favorite toy right now- I got it from Old Navy
14. Awesome book: Petit Connoisseur: Art
15. Shirt for Rob (he inevitably poops out his diaper when we are out and about). I love this one- my friend Linds bought it from H&M
16. Diapers... no explanation needed
17. Snack for Syd
18. Sippy cup for Syd- My fav is called Nuby (cheap and bright colors)
19. My favorite MAC lipstick in FAUX
20. Note Pad- for my lists


Britt- Sparkled Vintage Charm said...

Wow! Such fabulous stuff!! :-)
I pack tons of stuff in my bag too. I can barely lift it. lol. I am going to try those binkys! My son gets that rash around his mouth so hopefully those will help! Thanks!

Smithy said...

I felt like a real grown up when I switched from chapstick to lipstick

Meredith said...

Yay! my burp cloth! your dad just gave me your blog---loved reading it! leah is on her way up there--she'll be there halloween...!