Thursday, September 27, 2007

Mail & Dandelions!

Syd & I have a daily walk to the mailbox. For about a week now every morning, after we get ready & dressed, Sydney walks to our front door and says "Side" for outside or "walk". So, we sit out on the porch for while, walk part way down our block, then turn around & grab the mail. Today she discovered those Dandelion spore things (what are those called? That you blow on & make a wish). And she loved it! She ran around, not blowing on them, but swinging them back and forth watching the spores fly away.


Sharon said...

Hi there!! Your little girl is just adorable!!!! Thank you for voting for me to win Holly's contest. I'm honored. So have you been reading my blog secretly???? LOL!!!! Well if so now I've found yours and I like it so I'll be reading regularly.
Thanks again and thanks for stopping by secretly. :-)

Esther Noelle said...

That sounds like a wonderful idea for little Syd-star. What fun!

Britt- Sparkled Vintage Charm said...

so cute!I loved dandelions when I was a kid! :-)