Monday, September 17, 2007

Milkbone Squeaker Toy

My sweet dad sent this squeaky toy in a package a few months ago. He bought it for our dog Rambo. Well, I gave it to Rambo and as soon as it squeaked he freaked out & hid under the couch. So, I put it in Syd's toy box. This morning she pulled it out and in the process squeezed it. It scared her & Rob so badly they both started crying. I tried to show her it wasn't scary by squeezing it by me & kissing it. But, alas, no matter how hard I tried to show her that it wouldn't eat her she won't get near it. Basically everyone in this house under 5 feet tall is terrified of this little toy. If you want one I found an identical one on ebay! Enjoy!


Esther Noelle said...

I'm trying to post a comment on the video but it's not letting me... oh my heck that is hilarious! Syd is pushing herself away from it... ah!

Mike Kessler said...

I guess now you know how to decorate for this Halloween. Just put squeaky hotdogs all around the house and you'll have the scariest home in the neighborhood.