Monday, September 3, 2007

Old Wallet

As I mentioned earlier, I have been cleaning out my mom's house. On the last day of cleaning I found my "memory boxes". Inside one of them, way down at the bottom, I found an old wallet. It's different from any wallet I use now but it's filled with all sort of goodies. When I first opened it, this is what I was greeted with:
The panel on the left has a list I made of "pearls of wisdom" for my life, the center panel is a bunch of pictures (this one being a some friends & I in a hot tub). The right pocket was filled with all sorts of random pieces of paper. Some of the gems are these:My Junior year school ID, a ticket for the Empire State Building, some fortunes I saved, an old movie ticket stub, a photobooth photo (I love them), poison control stickers, and a little "person chain" I made. It's just funny to think that at the time I just put things in my wallet and forgot about them... now they are like little treasures.

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