Sunday, October 21, 2007

Ikea Family Bathroom

Let me just say that I love Ikea. For many, many reasons- I love the designs, I love the prices, I love the rooms all set up, but today I have a new reason I love Ikea & it is their family bathrooms. Their family bathroom has a short toilet, a short & tall sink, a large comfy chair so I can nurse, & little chairs with a toy table for your kiddos to play on. It's just so great. VERY CHILDREN friendly too! Baby food, kids meals, bottle warming.... WOOT for IKEA!


Katie said...

That is the best family bathroom I have ever seen! Horray for Ikea!

The Dad said...

Everyone should send IKEA a note thanking them. Liv, you should tag IKEA in your blog so they may find it. Companies like them need to be rewarded with compliments and our business.

Esther Noelle said...