Monday, October 15, 2007

Things I'm afraid of.... (for Halloween time)

So, my friend Es' husband works for The Dreaded Grove (a haunted forest) and I love haunted houses & have been to quite a few. So, he asked me what scares me. I listed off a few things and it got me thinking what scares me (superficial fears- so not my babies getting hurt or anything like that).

Well, here's one I thought of STARFISH. It's not the starfish themselves, its those squiggling fingers on the back of them. SO GROSS! It honestly freaks me out. Here's a picture of my cousins & I at SeaWorld (I'm the middle one) and I refused to hold the starfish for the picture.

But my worst fear is HILLBILLY CANNIBALS. Not like nice county folk or anything but freaky inbred hillbillies that eat you. That really scares me! AHH! ( I couldn't even post a scary picture because I didn't want to even look at pictures so here's a cheesy 70's poster)

So, what scares you?


Katie said...

It's so typically girlie, but I am afraid of mice.

And I love the picture. I think I ended up with that blouse that Lisa is wearing. I have seen so many pictures of you two wearing clothes that eventually became mine. I was such a shrimp.

Ash said...

That is SUCH a cute picture!

Ash said...

Oh, and I'm scared of owls. Don't know why - but they creep me out. Even just hearing them from a distance scares me.

James said...

Wow, does anyone else totally see Lori and Sharon in that pic?! Not so much Marie, though. Makes me miss the days when I actually knew my cousins.

Freckled Nest said...

Anteaters! i saw one on Jay Leno one time...and i screached through the whole segment! Their tounges are freakishly long and quick!

Mike Kessler said...