Friday, October 12, 2007

What is everyone going to be for Halloween?

So, the Carter family is making our own costumes this year... And we pretty much know what everyone is going to be except me! So, I was looking online at costumes & getting some ideas and I found the cutest costume in the world- but making it could be difficult- I want to be the Morton Salt Girl! SO CUTE! Ah, but alas, where the heck am I going to find a cute, longsleeve babydoll dress in lemon yellow?I'm not that good at sewing. But I'm not giving up- this is what I want to be for Halloween!

I'm brainstorming so if anyone has any brilliant ideas I will pay you back with some cupcakes & something neat for Halloween!

And here are a couple neat/clever costumes I found online while on my search! And let me know what you all are going to be for Halloween!

Cogsworth the Clock The Barney Huntress Baby Food

Doc Oct this guy has lots of great costumes Spaghetti (this is my friend Lay)


Esther Noelle said...

Cute ideas liv - you would be the cutest little salt girl!!!!

We got Robby the cute little lion costume and I think we will be safari people to go with him...

James said...

Last year James and I were pirates that had kidnapped a fairy (Elizabeth). I made those costumes. This year we are going to be a family of clowns. Amelia is going to wear the clown costume my mom made me for my first Halloween. It'll be too big on her, but doable. (Even though she was born exactly a month before my B-day, she'll probably be not much above my birth weight by Halloween.) My mom has a costume that will work for James, made me one while she was here, and has made Elizabeth one since going back to Blythe. She's incredible!

kdteacher said...

I say try it out; maybe you could find a pattern for a similar type dress??? I once sewed a Dorothy costume, it worked for one night! Just getting ideas on what to send you for the swap! Sam

Petersen Family said...

Don't know if you found a dress yet or not, but I saw one like that @ forever 21. You should check it out, that is the cutest idea that I have heard in a long time.