Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Carrabba's Italian Grill

Scott surprised me tonight by getting a sitter & taking me out to dinner (the kiddos were exceptionally crazy today & I needed it!). We love Carrabba's- it's our families FAVORITE restaurant. I originally found it because they have the best spaghetti (my favorite meal). But, that was before I had their chicken! Oh my goodness, it's the best, richest, chicken I've EVER had. My favorite is the Pollo Rosa Maria or Chicken Bryan & Scott's is the Chicken Marsala. If they have one in your area I definitly recommend checking them out.- YUMMY, YUMMY!


Katie said...

My favorite Italian too! And the Pollo Rosa Maria is my favorite. It is hard to try anything new because I love it so much.

stephanie said...

Rob's good friend waitresses there and when I was in Provo she told us to come so she could get us some free food! We bought meals, but she brought us free desserts and you know how you just choose one side for the entree? well, we got to try them all! i think she even gave us free appetizers. It was hard to move after that meal... but oh YUM!!

Shauna said...

that place is delicious...and the anthropologie in salt lake is at the gateway. its dangerous. dont bring a wallet.