Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Gifts that Give

I found a couple Christmas gifts in the corse of my on-line Christmas shopping, that are not only cute but also have part of the proceeds as a donation to various charities. Here are a couple I found on a really quick search...

These TOM'S shoes- they are based on a traditional Argentine shoe & I think they are really cute- for every pair you buy one pair is donated to a child in need. Very neat.

I love the RED campaign from the Gap. I noticed this shirt that said (2 weeks) on it & wondered what that meant. I went to the Gap website and found out that the money from purchasing this shirt is enough to pay for aids treatment for one person for 2 weeks. Pretty amazing.

I love all of the breast cancer awareness products that came out in October (Breast Cancer Awareness Month) & thought these cute capris
were perfect for PJs. 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer in their life- here's a great chance to lend some support.

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Mike Kessler said...

Liv, check out http://www.joinred.com/ . The whole (red) thing was announced by Bono and Oprah Winfrey several months ago, and =lots= of companies are participating. It's a great way to, as you say, give gifts that give!