Saturday, November 17, 2007

My husband is the best!

I've been a bad blogger again! Things have just been so busy- I literally have been running around ALL day today... & here's what happens when mommy isn't home to pick out Sydney's outfit (Note: this is NOT pajamas, this is 1 pm midday clothing)...
When I came in the door & saw her going through the DVDs I gave a yelp of surprise!
Me: "Scott, what is she wearing?"
Scott: "I got her all bathed & dressed for you"
Me: "Oh! Thanks... she looks cute... not really matching though."
Scott: "Yes she is... they're both stripes!"


Katie said...

Oh yeah, that is a daddy outfit if I ever saw one. When I went to meet Chad at the emergency room when Colin had croup, I found Colin wearing last year's too-small, too-tight pajamas (with a hole in the knee) and a t-shirt from last summer. I held back all night from telling everyone that I didn't dress him. Oh, it was hard, but yes, husbands are the best, even when they aren't quite with it when dressing the kids!

Ash said...

Yeah, I've been working on keeping my opinions to myself when Roy gets the kids dressed. I'm pretty particular about what she wears because I always feel like it's such a reflection of what kind of parent I am. But now I just hold my tongue unless she's wearing something that doesn't fit or is not the appropriate outfit for the type of weather. During the summer I had her drawer stocked with shorts and t-shirts matched together so Roy could just grab an outfit.

The dad said...

You go, Scott! Stripes are stripes.

Christie said...

And don't all shades of pink and red match each other?