Wednesday, November 21, 2007

REVIEW: Magic Eraser

It's hard to tell without blowing up the picture but Sydney got a hold of a green marker and drew all over Rob's bedroom door. Ah me... I took a picture for posterity & tried to brainstorm on how to get it off. I tried soap & water, 409 & scrubbing, then sent Scott to pick up one of those Magic Eraser things I've been hearing so much about. They look just like a white sponge... how can this do anything? But, miracle of miracles, it removes the marker & the door is good as new! I give this little Magic Eraser two thumbs up- Sydney does too (now we won't have to sell her to the circus to pay for a new door).

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Katie said...

We love those things! Whenever we moved out of an apartment, we would buy a couple of packs and go to town on our walls. The are wonderful when you have kids.