Sunday, November 25, 2007

Secret Addiction #3

America's Next Top Model - I would call it more of a guilty pleasure but its a really fun show to watch. It's crazy to look at these normal, even plain looking girls who are transformed by hair and makeup people to look amazing in pictures- it's neat. (PS I wanted to find a compare/contrast pic but couldn't find one, and it took a lot to find a non-hoochy picture).


Sandra B said...

Love it too! I've been hooked for the past few seasons. It IS neat!

Katie said...

Every once in awhile I will watch a marathon and get caught up. I agree about how plain some of them can look on a normal day....I think it tells a lot about how the pose, how you carry yourself on camera or the look you give the camera can make all the difference! Which is why I used to practice my picture poses in the mirror :o)