Monday, November 26, 2007

Songs that make me happy ...

Summer's Gone- Aberfeldy
Starry Eyed Suprise- Oakenfold
Forever Young- Alphaville
Express Yourself- Charles Wright
Whatta Man- En Vogue with Salt-n-Pepa
Cha Cha Cha- Jimmy Luxury
Callin' Out- Lyrics Born
Natasha Bedingfiled - These Words
Mambo #5- Lou Bega
I like the way you Move (edited)- Body Rockers
Just a Girl- No Doubt
A Little bit More- Jamie Lidell

Haha! Needless to say my taste is a bit eclectic (especially when it comes to music that makes me smile)- A little bit of old school music, some dance, some new music, some hip-hop... What are some of your favorite "happy" songs?


Mike Kessler said...

Way old school:
Aretha Franklin - Respect and Who's Zoomin' Who
The KLF - Justified and Ancient (Stand by the Jams Mix with Tammy Wynette)
The B-52s - Private Idaho (how can you go wrong with lyrics like "You're living in your own private Idaho, you walk around like a mashed potato"?)
Beach Boys - Wouldn't It Be Nice almost anything by the Beatles, Stevie Wonder, or Donna Summer

Esther Noelle said...

I love Gwen Stefanie's song, Sweet Escape....

this is embarrassing but I love the "Way Back Into Love" song from Music and Lyrics...