Monday, November 19, 2007

Stocking Stuffers #11

My cousin Katie mentioned that she needs some magnets for her fridge & she wants to ask for them for Christmas. Her husband thinks that asking for magnets is a lame & domestic gift. But I think if you get the right magnet it could be terribly cute.

Idea #1: Get them something they'd enjoy. No kittens for Mrs. Carter- I love these gnome magnets for example.

Idea #2: Design your own. This website offers to make custom orders of 10 or more (cute for birth announcements). You can also buy magnet paper you can print from your home laser printer.

Idea #3: Funny magnets are great. Nothing with the words poop or fart on my fridge but something a little more classy. I like these Anne Taintor magnets.

Idea #4: I saw this in RealSimple Magazine & I love the idea. Find some cheesey small frames, paint them pretty colors, line them in magnets along the back and you have instant frames to go around any picture you want on your fridge. VERY NEAT!


Christie said...

You can also make photo magnets on sites like Shutterfly. We did a picture of Elizabeth with her paternal grandparents last year.

Katie said...

Olivia, you are the best. Thanks for the support :o) I will have Chad take a look.

Katie said...

oh, and I love the Anne Taintor magnets, especially #01346 ;o)