Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Stocking Stuffers #7

The website gifts.com has all sorts of great gift ideas- I searched for "stocking stuffers" on their website & found a bunch of nifty things.

Sydney has a thing for rubber duckies & these are a new take on the classic yellow rubber ducky!

Ooooo! I'm in love with this. It's a little kit to make-your-own-sent - This is SO FANCY! 5 different scents to mix & match to create your own scent- I like this because sometimes I get tired of the same scent day in and day out.

I really like ethnic food so this would be something great for someone like me. It's a global herb set which includes tin with a mix of herbs from Morocco, Asia, Mexico and Napa Valley. GREAT IDEA!

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Smithy said...

Love the stocking stuffers! Especially since we're doing a different type of christmas this year, these sound like fun