Monday, December 17, 2007

Horray for packages!

I just received a box from Crate & Barrel addressed to Rob & Syd from our Auntie Triss with some of the prettiest ornaments I have ever seen. I died laughing at all of the packaging that came with them. I was expecting glass breakables with all of the tissue & bubble wrap but they were: cloth & glitter= quite durable. You can see in the picture on the left the HUGE box & the little ornaments in front. But Sydney is in love with them & continues to pull them off the tree & Rob was mostly interested in the packaging! Thanks Auntie Triss for the beautiful ornaments- they are a hit!

1 comment:

Smithy said...

very cute ornaments!

don't worry about all the wrapping, two of my c&b orders had broken pieces in them, so no wonder they go overboard...

gotta love those babies of yours!