Thursday, December 6, 2007

Picking a Christmas tree

So, I'd love to go organic with our Christmas tree but, alas, we just hopped over to Home Depot & picked a little one for our little house. It was fun but of course no shopping trip would be complete without Rob spewing a TON and Syd breaking down into hysterics (because she was afraid of the tree). No decorations yet, everyone was TOO stressed out, maybe tomorrow between Scott's school & work. I'll keep you updated!


Mike Kessler said...

Poor Syd! Good thing there's no squeaky hot dog toy on the tree.

Katie said...

I vaguely remember Colin going into hysterics for that exact same reason when he was younger.

Malea said...

I love those kids! I love you!

I love that I can read the blog and still feel like I know you, but I MISS you!

When can we be friends!?!