Monday, January 7, 2008

Edward Gorey

Edward Gorey has to be one of my very favorite writer/artists. When I was little I had this really cool A-Z poster with some of his pictures & a poem. It was morbid & wickedly funny. I warn you some of his stuff is unsettling & a bit unorthodox. Here are two of my favorites here & here.


Pari said...
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Olivia Carter said...

Oh Pari! You are TOO sweet! I feel like I know you too- my dad & Mike think you & Neil are just the best. I hear about you all the time!

HAHA! And it's not weird at all- I definitely 'stalk' other peoples blogs too (including yours!)

Next time I'm in DC we'll have to all get together! I miss the east coast passionately & I am hoping, beyond hope, that Scott can get into a school close to DC.

And thanks SO much for commenting- you don't even know how it makes my day!