Friday, January 4, 2008

Place Card Holders

I've mentioned these before but I've been thinking about how much I like these place card holders for the past couple days. There's nothing that seems more fancy then having these for a "sit down" dinner. Also, when you are having a buffet style dinner these little things could hold a card noting what each item is. I'm just loving them right now.

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Ash said...

This is one of my favorite milestones! It worked out well for a while to have Rae sit in the main part of the cart, but now she's getting so big that we can hardly fit any food in there. We always make her get out once the cart is halfway full. And now Blaise can just climb out of the seat, even if he's buckled, and he never wants to be there, so shopping trips are getting really impossible. Rae is good about walking in the store, but she is so absentminded and falls behind and bumps into people. We were just talking about how it's time for me to start shopping alone until the kiddos get past this stage. Before now shopping was pretty easy and enjoyable.