Thursday, January 24, 2008

White Shirt & Jeans

I have to say my favorite outfit would be a white shirt with jeans. Any jeans- low waist/high waist skinny/flare, capri/trousers, dark/light, worn in/dressy. And white shirts are always flattering. I have to say, being pasty white as I am, I love how white shirts make me look rosy cheeked & tan. The BEST thing about plain white shirts & jeans is that it's a great time to wear shoes that really POP! (I personally would wear bright red heels with a bright red clutch)

P.S. making those outfits on "Paint" isn't so easy- the shirt on the right & left are Gap as are the jeans on the middle & right . The left jeans are Disesl. The middle shirt is Banana Republic. All the shoes are Piperlime.

1 comment:

Connie said...

I call that my Mommy Outfit!!

Love Piperlime Shoes!!