Monday, March 17, 2008

Sydney's Birthday Wish List

Auntie Es asked for a "birthday wish list" from Sydney. So, here we go (though truth be told the wish list is from me for her, but you get the point)... Hope it helps out!
1. I really want a wagon to take the kids out & about in. I was looking for one that had high sides & could fit 2 kiddos in- like this one at Wal-Mart (it would need to be like a bunch of friends going in on it- it's a bit pricey- cheaper at the store though)
2. Sydney loves puzzles!
3. Syd needs some 2T clothes (she's still fitting in 18-245 but once out of those she'll be naked!)
4. She needs some shoes & flip flops- size 6 (in a while 7's)
5. This one isn't so cute but she needs a sun hat for this summer
6. Syd likes movies with animals (or princess- though she has most of those) in it- especially those with real animals
7. We wanted to get her some Sunday church books books
8. Any books at all are good for Syd- she loves to read!


Ash said...

That is the best wagon. I use mine every single day. We started using it as soon as Blaise could sit up. The buckles are great so you don't have to constantly turn around to make sure they are still sitting. And I can fit 3 kids into it when I put the seats down. I also use it to haul groceries, trash, water jugs, you name it! Worth every penny! We've had ours for almost 2 years now and it's still in great condition.

Malea said...

Thanks for posting what you need! I was going to call you and ask, so this is perfect!

Tiffany and Cory Jones said...

ps, my blog is private now, so email me at and I'll add you as a reader if you want.