Monday, April 21, 2008


Earth Day is tomorrow so I just wanted to do a lil' post about making new conservation habits. I know, for me, it's hard to think of 100 things I need to change in my life. So instead I pick one or two things, work on it until it becomes a habit, then pick another. Here are 12 ideas (one for each month):

1. use canvas bags instead of grocery bags (these are what I use)
2. change bulbs to energy saving bulbs (I know Ikea has some too)
3. turn off the water while you brush your teeth
4. turn off your house lights in the day & use natural light
5. buy local produce
6. plant a tree
7. have a compost bucket
8. buy second-hand (& donate your old stuff)
9. dry your hands with a dishtowel
10. use refillable water bottles (I like Nalgene's A LOT!)
11. buy recycled items
12. take your lunch in a lunch box (there are cool ones these days! My favs here & here) & use sandwich holders instead of plastic bags

Now that the weather is nice & we have a grocery store so close I want to walk to do our grocery shopping. There's plenty of space in the stroller to haul the food back & the kids love walks MUCH more than being in the car anyway. So, just a few suggestions (there are millions more) Let me know some more ideas you have!


Russ said...

Dearest Olivia,
Just wanted to let you know that Em and I are trying to do our part too. We currently fulfill with 7 of your listed items.

Way to think about ways to do good. We love you guys.

Jared and Cindy said...

Those are GREAT ideas! The only thing I keep thinking is that I need to RECYCLE! I really want to but I have no idea where to take stuff. I've been wanting to get 3 big buckets and put them outside - one for glass, one for metal, and one for paper. (I will do this at some point.. i feel like I have SO much garbage and it makes me feel bad..)

rob said...

Use tupperware instead of ziplock baggies - wash and reuse the ziplock baggies that you do use.

Want to know what's so great abt Seattle (maybe Provo does it too, I don't know) - no sorting the recycle. Yep, it all goes in one place!

Esther Noelle said...

Happy Earth Day, Liv! thanks for reminding me of small ways I can help the environment. You are a good example to me. :)

Jessica said...

Switch to natural cleaners- especially vinegar and baking soda

Keep plants indoors to improve your air quality

Aunt Linda said...

Thanks for the ideas. I have been thinking to get grocery bags. I love the Baggu bags!

I already buy second hand and donate my stuff.

I recycle the bottles and cans that I find at my job. I clean the Port of Entry in Ehrenberg 3 days a week, so I get a lot of cans and bottles. This year I am donating the money to the Humanitarian aid.

We recycle our water, using a hose from the washer to water our back lawn instead of putting the water into the sewer.

danielle said...

very good and practical ideas! Except what is a sandwich holder?

I should tell you that I wanted to change my name to Olivia when I was eight...such a lovely name!