Saturday, May 24, 2008

Where have I been?

Sorry, I haven't been blogging much (or very interestingly) I've been right here......searching for handicap accessible apartments for my mom to move into. Let me just say it is NOT an easy process. If anyone has to go through something like this in Utah County, please feel free to call me. I have a massive list of apartment buildings that have accessible rentals, but it's not an easy task.

(Please note the MASSIVE Diet Coke beside me... I've been guzzling those like it's my job! & I almost posted a pic of my blood shot, stressed eyes but it would freak you all out.)


Marni said...

Olivia, Are you moving at the end of the summer for school, or looking for places for her in Utah (b/c you're staying there)? I wish I could help!! Can I help? I'd be happy to do some internet searches for you from here. xoxo, Marni

Lindsay Jane said...

You need to call me so I can help. I'm an excellent soldier, I just need marching orders.

Kim said...

I found out about a website earlier tonight that lists accessible apartments in the US. I'm a wheelchait user, and know how crazy finding an accessible apartment can be! Too bad I didn't know about this site when I was looking. Maybe it will help you. The website is