Thursday, June 26, 2008

'Baby on the Go' set

I saw these 'Baby on the Go' sets at Nordstrom today. I especially love the stripe cups. They are available in blue, green, & pink too. Also, they had some really cute baby sunglasses (I believe strongly in keeping sunglasses on my babies when they are outside) & I think I might just go back & get them- they're so NEW WAVE!


Mike Kessler said...

On babies with sunglasses: Yes, of course, they're adorable. But you are =so= right about the kids wearing them. Having grown up in Florida, never wearing sunglasses, is the biggest reason I had cataracts in both eyes at age 50, twenty years earlier than most people.

Smithy said...

syd is a super CUTE baby, but she kinda looks like an old man in this photo.