Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Rob has the best uncle ever!

My wonderful brother-in-law made this adorable car set for Rob's birthday! Russ you are the best- this will definitely be an heirloom toy.


the dad said...

Wow! Great job, Russ. The craftsmanship is superb. Beautiful woods, wonderful soft lines. Wood just gets better with age and with lots of use, so all that loving will create a family heirloom for sure.

I was thinking, the clutch in our 1994 Saturn is acting up and we need a new car. I don't suppose. . .

Russ said...


That is truly thoughtful. Thanks for the entry in your extremely high profile blog. I truly do love woodworking and it was a pleasure.

As for that car issue for your dad, I think they made a wood car once before and it didn't work out great.