Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Awesome Cab Driver

On our way home for the weekend we took a cab to the Vegas airport. The gentleman driving asked where we were from & what we were doing in the future. Here's our conversation:

ME: "Right now I'm a mom. I stay home with my 2 babies."
CABBIE: "No way- you are too young!"
ME: "How old do I look?"
CABBIE: "I don't know, 18 years old."

We all die laughing- it's nice that someone else was there to hear yet ANOTHER person thinking I'm a teenager (apparently knocked-up at 16). We explained that my 26th birthday was going to be on Monday. Then, he proceeded to sing "Happy Birthday dear Oliver" to me. (Please note, that I often get people thinking my name is Oliver too).


monica said...

oh thats so funny, i have this issue as well, people thinking im a lot younger. so far though i think its worked more to my advantage.

Smithy said...

i LOVE this story... too funny