Friday, July 11, 2008

REVIEW: Max & Cheese

My friend Esther suggested that after work the men & us all take the kids to "Max and Cheese" (huh, huh, get it) Anyway, it's advertised as a "kids cafe" & I have to say it was pretty neat.

The kids meals were LARGE & pretty cheap ($3.99) & they have some fun menu items (ie: hot dogs cut like octopi, pancakes on a stick, & the classic noodles with butter). Plus if your kid hates the meal they will replace it with a PB&J for like $0.50.

There are also adult meals. I got a Caesar Chicken Wrap & it was DANG GOOD- really surprisingly good adult food for a kids place.

There are crayons at each table, fun riddles to answer & the best part is a LARGE kids area in the middle with all sorts of toys & fun things.The only thing I'd change is the kids area is "sort of" walled in but the wall is a lil' high- take it down a few inches & the parents can see in much better to make sure no one is dying in the unsupervised area.

P.S. The internet is on & off working now- so posting could be random.

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Esther Noelle said...

Thanks for coming with us! We'll have to go back soon!