Saturday, July 12, 2008

Wii Fit knows I'm chubby, but how does Facebook?

So, obviously giving birth to TWO babies 14 months apart (alright, & some Snickers) has left a lil' weight (alright, a lot of weight) around the middle (alright, all over).

I'm not really one to "obsess" about weight. But, I've got some to loose so I've been working out & trying to watch what I eat. That's one of the reasons I wanted a Wii Fit- so I could do some more "workout-like" activities while having fun.

Wii Fit measures your BMI & your weight. So, the first time I got on the Wii Fit it analyzed me. Realizing that I'm chubby it made me lil Mii character chubby- nice. No, seriously, it added a chubby tummy to lil' ol' me.

And here is my Mii...
BUT the other day I was looking at my Facebook & this ad appeared on the side...How the heck does Facebook know I've got some weight to loose? It's creepy enough that it knows my age.

Does it analyze my pictures & say, "Okay, this girls got some to loose, let's give her this ad to remind her". Thanks, Facebook but I'm not interested in your "ancient Asian root", my chubby Mii is enough incentive for me.


Esther Noelle said...

Oh I laughed so hard this is a great post!!!!!!!!! Ha ha ha ha!

And i had a frozen snickers tonight. Dang it! Sunday's ok, right? Sunday treat day maybe? :(

Smithy said...

woah.. they even got the exact age right, that's spooky!