Friday, August 22, 2008

REVIEW: Crayola Washable Crayons

Man, washable crayons has to be the mother of all inventions. Those things clean up like nobody's business. Crayons now keep the ol' Syd-o & Berto Bear entertained for quite a chunk of time.

Thank you Crayola for your vision of a home without crayon drawings all over the walls- I appreciate you.

P.S. Berto mostly liked eating the crayons & Syd asked me to draw Aunt Emily 50 times- sorry Russ she only wanted me to draw you once. That's all you wanted... millions of Em's.


Russ said...

Yeah!!! I will take millions of Syd!
I missed you guys last week. Hopefully we will get to see you over Labor Day?

brooke said...

eating crayons is one of my son's pasttimes too. Its gross when it makes its way through the system and into the diaper.
Grandma buys the twistables from crayola- there's only a little nibble room on those:)

Esther Noelle said...

I love that she wanted millions of Emilys! So cute! I gotta get some of those washable crayons now that Robby is wanting to draw!

Russ said...

The last comment was from Em, this is Russ, but I have to agree with Syd. I wouldn't want anymore than one of me either. Can you blame that girl for wanting all those Em's????

Christie said...

Lots of crayon eating going on here, too.
Elizabeth wants me to draw shapes all the time, especially circles. I can handle that, lol!