Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Used Baby Coat

When I was a sophomore at BYU I was searching our local thrift store & ran across an adorable 80's lil' boys coat. I remember it distinctly as being one of the times that I thought I wanted to have babies someday. I bought, it not sure why, & saved it.
While cleaning out Syd-o's closet yesterday I found it & put it on Rob. He looked just like the lil' guy I vaguely imagined all those years ago- adorable.

As I was taking pictures of him I realized he kind of looked like the lil' gnome on our doorstep & I realized that I can't imagine my life without these babies of mine.


Ash said...

That is so sweet! He does look like a little gnome :) What a cute - I hope to meet those babies of yours someday!

Esther Noelle said...

That coat is great. I don't remember you buying it that is so crazy - would not have pegged you for one to buy clothes for potential future babies. Look how good that turned out!

Danielle said...

my first thought was how his little hood looked like a little gnome or christmas elf and it made me very happy. so cute.

April said...

He is the cutest grandson in the world...cause he has great looking parents