Monday, September 8, 2008

Cute or Practical?

So, I got this cute jacket at Old Navy this weekend. It's starting to feel fall-ish & it was on sale. Plus, golly, it's cute! But now that I think about it I'm wondering if it's not very practical: I mean, with the cropped sleeves, it's not all that warm.

I'm kind of needing a jacket that will go from fall to winter. Well, to anyone looking for a fall jacket, I recommend it- it's a SUPER cute jacket. Just not quite sure for me- what do you think?


monica said...

you know what is great about a crop sleeved jacket?? a cute long sleeved shirt coming down from under the sleeve! OR there are some great long gloves out it!

love the jacket!

Esther Noelle said...

Liv, of COURSE it's for you it's so cute! And I know it's cute cause we both liked it! You better not return it.

Mike Kessler said...

Dahling, that's what long gloves are for! It looks great on you!

Ms. Erin said...

I LOVE this jacket...and just might go see if they have one at Old Navy here! This is perfect Northern California jacket...I love autumn.