Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Christmas Stuff Already

Can you believe Christmas stuff if out already? I mean, there are still 2 more MAJOR holidays before Christmas! Anyway, after seeing mint M&M's & a Christmas tree at Target I thought for fun we'd go through the toy section & see if anything struck the babies fancy.

Rob was flexible- just about anything that made an annoying noise. Syd, however, went straight to the princess stuff. Pretty much this HUGE set of every Disney princess or a set of princess heels were her favorites.I really have tried to give equal weight to "boy" & "girl" toys with Syd. She's just a girlie girl.


tara said...

You should look at Costco - they have this really cute pink chest full of 3 dresses, shoes, and accessories to play dress up with. The chest is great to store them in and it is only $34.99.

Esther Noelle said...

Oh I can't wait to buy dolls and stuff.... how fun!!

The Thueson's said...

Okay.. I am not sure who that Tara is above me but THIS Tara was about to tell you the same thing!! ALSO, if you have a Sams membership, they have those same shoes that are in that picture plus 5 more pair (9total) for $19.99 What a deal!! :)