Wednesday, October 22, 2008

She-Baby Burrito

You know those leashes for babies? Well, I swore I'd never use one. Then when we were going on our cruise I got all neurotic about Syd running off the end of the boat or something. So I bought one & didn't end up using it.

And I haven't used it yet but Sydney has pretty much adopted the monkey/backpack part of the leash as a baby. It took me days to figure out what she meant when she said, "She-baby like a burrito". Which which roughly translated is: "Wrap this girl baby monkey up like a burrito".


Sandi said...

"She-baby" - that is pretty cute!

I admit to having one for my little guy too. He loves to wear his "kee-kee" and seems to behave pretty darn well when he does. I end up rolling the tail up in the backpack because he does so well. I've had a few disapproving conversations with some of an older generation, but all-in-all, I'm a fan and so is my kid. :) We haven't used it for a while, but yeah, he loves to play with it.

émilie b said...

I found your blog one or two weeks ago while looking for Halloween costume ideas, and suscribed to the RSS. I live in Quebec, Canada (the French province); I have a two-year-old boy and an 8 months-old baby girl, so we're in the same phase of life, it seems. How old are yours now, exactly?

Your blog is fun, and I like your shopping tastes. Plus, you have charming kids.

I also thought the leash for kids concept was appalling... before I had a little gnome on two feet running around public places. He's well behaviored, overall, but, well... a kid's a kid. I still haven't bought one and I want to resist temptation on this one, but they DO make them so darn cute, with the monkey backpack. Oh well... Xavier won't wear backpacks anyway.

Take care,
Émilie -

Christie said...

We have an unused monkey leash, too!

brooke said...

I probably wouldn't use one if I got it too, but man, wouldn't it be nice to have them stay where they're supposed to stay?
Edward thinks they're inhumane. I personally think they're a great idea now that I have 2 unruly, disobedient kids:)

Ashley said...

We have one too. I've used it maybe 2-3 times. I bought it when Rae was about 18 months old just because I thought she would enjoy having her own backpack and then if she got too crazy I could keep her close. And the other time I remember using it was when I flew alone with both kids and we had to get from the "remote parking" to the actual airport with lots of luggage. It was really handy that time. I haven't gotten too many disapproving looks. Not that I'd really are.

That's cute that Syd has adopted it as her baby :)