Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Thank You Nice Lady at the Post Office

While I was in line at the post office today a sweet older women, with her hair in curlers, was behind us. Rob waved at her, but otherwise we didn't really talk.

After we got out & I was loading the kids in the car she walked up & said "You are just a sweet mom. If only all kids were treated so well".

It MADE my day so we went & went to K-Mart to celebrate &went on the "zebra ride" as Sydney calls it. The kids loved all 50 second of it & I think we all deserved it.

It just reminded me to say nice things to people when I notice, 'cause, gosh, that made my day & caused me more patient with the kids through the rest of the afternoon.


émilie b said...

Spread the love!

Linda, Mom and Granny said...

I try to tell moms when they are patience with their kid(s). And when your child is happy and you know that your child loves you!

You need to know that we appreciate you! These kids are our future and you are raising them!

Kudos to you and all the good mom everywhere!

Ashley said...

I had the opposite experience in the store today. My kids were being pretty crazy but not really misbehaving. The check out lady was so annoyed with them and kept giving me dirty looks. They started turning the bag carousel and she was like "PLEASE - DO NOT DO THAT!" Poo on her! :)

I appreciate nice comments from people and I really appreciate it when people make an effort to help you distract your kids when you are in a long line or something. Not that I expect people to do that, but it is nice when they do!

Cindy said...

You ARE an amazing mom! She is right and good for her for telling you that.

It was SO good to see you and I'm sad it wasn't longer. (I will TRY to come in Nov. I hope I hope)!

Esther Noelle said...

Wow that's amazing to hear from a stranger! You are such an awesome mommy and you must have really impressed her if she came up and commented on it cause we all know how hard that is to do.