Thursday, November 6, 2008

Emergency Preparedness

I'm right in the middle of a book called Life As We Knew It. I like it, but I'll admit it's not best book. It is a teenagers journal account of fictitious "dooms day" / natural disasters scenario.

Mostly, It's had me thinking about our own emergency preparedness. I am grateful for parents (& in-laws) & a church that encourage emergency preparedness. Because of that, we have "to go" bags with many emergency things we need. We do need to work on our food storage (that's one thing that book talks a lot about).

I was just wondering if anyone had any good websites or advice for emergency kits / food storage etc (for a family on a budget & in a small-ish place). Here are a few I found here, here, & here.


cat said...

We got most of our food storage from and from They have packages that you can buy that are kind of an order to fit whatever sized family you have. We got all ours, a year's or two really for around $1000. That's including the flour mill we bought.

Mike Kessler said...

We got pre-made 72 hour kits from and added to them as needed. Your dad and I each had one at work, plus we have one in the car and one in the apartment. Of course, the Church has great info on their site at (I got that link from the site). The US govm't has one: As Cat mentioned above, has great stuff, and so does

Kristal said...

Ya, I think about that a lot, and I just know that for now, our food storage is keeping our tank full of gas so that we can just make it to my parents house! All i know is that you need to store what you eat, so in my case, we must have a year supply of chocolate.

Mike Kessler said...

One more link:
You enter how many people are in your family and it calculates how much food you need for a year, based on guidelines from the Church's Essentials of Home Production and Storage booklet. And, no, there's not enough chocolate on the list for me, either!

Hannah said...

I stumbled across your blog when I was googling food storage.

Anyway, if you are looking for some sites, feel free to check out our blog! It's a step-by-step guide to food storage, by just buying a little bit at a time. Also, all of our recipes use food storage (non-perishable) food ONLY, which a lot of people appreciate.

Good luck with your food storage and emergency prep!
Hannah @

Rebecca said...

Another great site is They sell a ton of emergency preparedness items as well as a highly rated line of food storage products called Thrive. These products have a long term storage life and are perfect for incorporating into meals as well. I have heard they taste great also. I know they are always offering some kind of promo or other....or you can use the code save15 to save 15% at checkout.

Meredith said...

we each have a backpack (you could have little backpacks for the kiddos)with a 72 hr of clothes, cash, water, food, pack of cards, hard candy, socks, flashlight---you have to update the clothes every now and then as people grow---we rotate the water bottles and food stuffs out periodically.
food storage is pantry and freezer full---with wheat, sugar, oatmeal rice,powdered milk and such in #10 cans all over the house---cases of salt---the basics for the long term stuff.