Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Random fact about the Carter Family

When I mentioned not being sure about how we could watch the elections, I said we don't have cable which is misleading. We don't have our TV hooked up to get ANY reception at all. Our TV is hooked up to our computer. So, we watch movies & the few shows we watch online can be watched on our television.

We haven't had it since we got married & it's been really good for us. It means we don't come home & watch TONS of random mindless TV- we can't just say, "Hey look, Nanny 911 is on, or The View" Instead we watch 6 or so specific mindless TV shows each week. (I'll save a list for another post).

I REALLY like not having TV, but there are downsides. . When we go over to other peoples houses we are like... "Wow- that's SUCH a cool commercial, don't fast forward it!". Not to mention we never know what movies are coming out since we don't see previews. Really the only TV, TV I see is when I'm on the treadmill at the gym.

Some people are surprised when I tell them- since we stay up late, let our babies eat brownies at night, & occasionally drink Red Bulls. You might put us in the category of avid TV watchers- I probably would.

But, we REALLY like not having it. When I was young I thought those families who didn't have TV were so weird. Now I'm thinking we might just NEVER have "TV" (but we dig movies & some shows so we'll always have A TV).


Ashley said...

We didn't have cable for a few months so I broke some bad habits of watching mindless tv. Now we have cable and I'm pretty good about just watching what I want. We just DVR whatever show we want to watch, watch it and then go on with life. Someday I want to go back to no cable, but not when I'm living somewhere where it snows. :)

Anelieze Castrejon said...

Hi, Olivia! I know what you mean. My parents didn't want us to watch midless tv either--and while Franco and I have been housesitting, we haven't had cable either...until a couple of days ago when our landlord had it begin again because they're coming back soon. I tried watching some shows with Franco last night, but I can't stand the commercials anymore, and actually I can't stand the shows! So I only watch the office and pushing daisies online...and I will never have cable in my house. :D

Katie said...

I definitely respect and admire this. It is the way things would be in my household if my husband shared my views :o) Since he doesn't (I think it's the sports that does him in), I do end up with some mindless TV moments, but not too many because of DVR. Hooray for technology!

émilie b said...

Same here... we don't even have a tv in our living room. Rather, our tv system is setup in our finished basement, and it's on only during the couple series we watch (and a couple half hours more when the kid behaves). We are calm and quiet people, and I couldn't stand the background noise of tv.

We are more "internet" kind of people, I guess.

Christie said...

We only get one channel: NBC. And sometimes that gets knocked out. Honestly, I like it. Just enough mindless TV for when we need Thursday nights ;) and we get local news/weather. I really thought that when our budget loosened up we would spring for Dish or Direct, but we haven't felt the need.

James said...

I can watch cable tv at work. I can justify it as "sorting through the channels" to figure out how much drivel we'll let these juveniles watch. We get BYUTV, so I'm tempted to lock out almost everything but that and reset the password. Their bringing in a church group to take over the facility to do a revival on an upcoming weekend, so I figure it's only fair enough.