Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mad Photoshopping

My AMAZING sis-in-law & bro-in-law are going through the process of adoption right now.

I had the privilege to take pictures of them (ones with some of their particularly fun personality) & have been learning more Photoshop as I edited the pictures.

I figured out how to take out the fence & the trampoline, as well as amp up the colors. All sorts of fun stuff!

And, hey, if anyone knows any mommies out there looking for an adoption family send them to check out their profile on LDS Family Services adoption website. Just type in "RussellAndEmily".


Russ said...

W00T!!! Vote for Us!!!! Liv you rock. Thanks for all your help. We love you!!!

Scott said...

Mad skillz Beauchila :)

Katie said...

Awesome. I have been wanting to learn some photoshop skills.

Good luck to them. How exciting!

Anthony said...

that looks so great!!! we really should work on the lbg photos sometime waka waka -- smithy