Wednesday, January 28, 2009

REVIEW: BYU Bean Museum

How is it possible that I went to BYU for 5 years & never managed to make it to this very cool, yet slightly creepy museum? Today the kids & I needed to burn some energy so we took a little field trip.
Syd mostly liked the baby deer and pretending like she was one. Rob liked the more ferocious looking animals. The kid likes to growl. I have to admit to really enjoying myself too.

There are a bunch of full sized stuffed animals but MOSTLY it's a TON of stuffed heads which are semi-creepy (anyone else agree with me here?)

All in all, it was a good cold winters day trip. Recommend it for everyone to try at least once. We'll be going back again for sure.


Christie said...

Can't believe you'd never been to the Bean Museum!

Kristal said...

Dude, the bean museum is the BOMB. not creepy at all. i thought you had blogged once about going there before? huh.. I am losing my mind. But I used to go there all the time with my family. I miss it

Olivia Carter said...

Come on people! Stuffed heads are totally FREAKY! It's like having 10,000 sets of glassy weird eyes following you everywhere you go. FREAK-Y!

Katie said...

Colin and I spent many a lazy afternoon there when he was a toddler. You can't beat free!

Rebecca said...

We've been there several times and the kids really like it, but I especially love that they do free seminars/lectures (whatever you want to call them) for families. I've gone to a few with the kids and they are really fun!

(And yes, I do find the heads slightly freaky, and the smell a tad bit gross, but still worth the trip!)

Robert said...

I like stuffed heads...until they wake up at night and start stalking out.