Wednesday, February 25, 2009

10 facts about Rob at 1 year & 8 months...

1. Rob's favorite movie is Aladdin.

2. When Rob is ready to go to bed he says, "pillow" because he wants to snuggle it

3. Rob walks like a drunk man, but runs like the wind (I literally have to full out run to keep up with him)

4. Rob loves to dance to music, but he's basically just bobbing his legs up & down (classic boy dance)

5. Sydney taught Rob the names of the princesses when he was first learning to talk. His favorite princess is Snow White

6. Rob loves pirates. He has a little set of pirate figurines & he walks around the house carrying them yelling "PIRATE!" like it's a battle-cry

7. He loves pushing buttons. He will maul people to get to a button to push (remotes, elevators, doorbells)

8. When Rob is upset he likes to hold his blankie and pull on the ties to relax

9. Rob also loves He-Man. The first thing he says when he wakes up is either, "He-Man?" or "'Laddin?"

10. Rob isn't afraid of anything. He falls constantly and hardly ever cries. The kid is tough!


M said...

I think it's great that you're recording these facts about your kids while they're these ages. It will be so fun for them and you to read over them when they're older and remember (or learn) what they were like, all their little quirks, and their cute personalities.

Lindsay Jane said...

Berto is such a nice person. I really hope he stays that way.

April Carter said...

Wish he knew his grandparents more...we love him.

Esther Noelle said...

Yeah for Berto! I love that he likes to say my name!

Mike Kessler said...

Two other things I loved about Berto when you guys were here for Christmas -- don't know if they're still true. 1: When Berto had a "temper tantrum," you could tell because he laid face down on the floor and stayed there quietly for about a minute or two. Then he got up, and he was fine. 2: When he wanted to be lifted up, he would go over to someone and say "Daddy?" whether or not it was really Daddy he wanted to lift him up.

Malea said...

Since I wrote what I love about Syd, I obviously must write that I LOVE that Berto looks at you all shy at first, but he's a lovable teddy bear once he gets to know you. He's so incredibly sweet, I just want to snuggle him all of the time!