Tuesday, February 10, 2009

i heart garlic

I love garlic... with a passion.
This is the HUGE jar that lives in my fridge.

He doesn't live in there for long though...
... because I eat him very fast.

AND I love the way garlic smells on Scott's breath.
Yes, I love garlic breath.

Don't judge me too harshly.
Anyone else agree?


stephanie said...

Love the smell of garlic, but not garlic breath.

You may not care since you like the jarred (sp?) version, but Trader Joes sells frozen minced garlic. It comes in little cubes like ice trays and each cube is a clove.

I see your tea cup and saucers!

Christie said...

Unfortunately my husband most definitely does not heart garlic, so I no longer have a jar like that living in my fridge. I just sneak in the powered stuff when he's not looking.

M said...

Oh yes, I love garlic too. Not necessarily garlic breath, but I do love to cook with it. Salt, pepper, and garlic are staple seasonings for any savory meal.

Cindy said...

I'm with you! I LOVE garlic... I have a jar in the fridge also (not as big though)!

Audra said...

Love garlic... I bought 2 HUGE things of it at Sam's Club! One in the pantry for when the one in the fridge is out because yes... I use a TON of it too!