Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I miss Maryland today

Oh, Maryland... how I love thee...
- the plethora of green trees
- the diversity of peeps
- one word: CRAB
- humidity
- hot summer rain (like a shower)
- 10 min from the nations capital
- old friends

P.S. but Maryland, there are a few things I don't miss...
- the traffic
- frizzy hair
- Ethiopian food

Anyone out there from/been to Maryland? Come on, it is pretty great.


Carolyn said...

You forgot the beauty of the spring time and how a different tree/flower bursts into bloom every day! It's coming ...the daffodils are out. Maryland misses you too!

Pari said...

So Neil and I might be rockin' the VA vibe, but it's sort of close. I have to second you on loving the humidity and not loving Ethiopian food.

You and the family should think of visiting some day - we'd love to have you!

SO said...

I've never been but would like to visit one day. Especially for the Crab.

Russ said...

You had a variety of Peeps??? Easter must have been awesome. When I was growing up, all we had was the yellow ones and the pink ones.

Smithy said...

the cherry blossoms were already starting to bloom!

Dad said...

The summer blue crabs, yum! This time of year I miss the millions of daffodils along the whole length of Rock Creek Parkway through Maryland and DC. I miss the bright red Cardinals. And isn't the MD flag the coolest?

Jackie said...

Yay for DC! The pretty flowers and smells are starting to pop up everywhere!

Audra said...

Ummm... hello... like I totally LOVE Ethiopian food! You are TOTALLY offending me! Haha!

Levi has come to love the beauty of the east with me now! Flowers, the "green smell" after the rain (as opposed to the asphalt and dirt smell) and the fact that there are trees next to the interstate to hide the "ugly". From the roads out west you can see every salvage yard and industrial building... ruined the view for me!