Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Music, music, music...

This post is regarding my quest for new MUSIC SUGGESTIONS for all you peeps out there. Let's begin first with a couple points:

#1. Recently, Scott made a comment about how I listen to, I quote: "Circus Music". As I reflected on his statement... its true. For the most part I like perky, jiggly, and/or fun music. BUT I am open to trying anything.
#2. I like music of ALL genres. Just to give you a taste here is my itunes play list for cleaning the house... (keep in mind its my cleaning music which requires it to be upbeat & fun)
#3. I VERY rarely like all the music from one group. (The exceptions being: Pearl Jam, Van Morrison, U2, and Ben Harper) So, I'm looking for band/group/individuals but preferably one song I can particularly check out.

#4. I listen to NPR pretty much every time I'm in the car so I don't listen to the radio enough to know ANY MUSIC. So, if you think... "I'm sure she already knows about this person or that band" I probably don't. And again, I may only know ONE song if I know them at all.

Any help with ANY music ideas would be premo! Thanks folks!


Lindsay Jane said...

Jiggly music? I like that too.

stephanie said...

My taste has gone the way of my husband's taste... mellow! I kind of miss the more upbeat stuff. I hold onto my Keane and Kooks from pre-Rob, there are others, too that are kind of a cross b/w my original taste and his.

His music is dang good, and my new fav's of his are Fleet Foxes, Rilo Kiley, Hot Chip, and Long Winters. I definitely gravitate to the upbeat songs of these artists. Fleet Foxes is all pretty mellow, though.

Dawn said...

Brandi Carlisle....anything on "The Story" is a good bet. Brett Dennen. His latest Cd is awesome, especially the song called "Heaven."

Kristal said...

Okay, I had the same problem... my playlists were totally old and I never listened to the radio, but now I listen on the way to school. You might mock me for my taste in music. Some that I really like right now are:

Hot'n'cold - Katy Perry (get the edited one, a very obvious swear at the beginning)
My life would suck without you - Kelly clarkson
I am secretly addicted to 'circus' by Britney Spears (no mocking)
give Flogging Molly a go, they are an irish puck band, i love 'salty dog' by them
crush- David archuletta

Well, that is just a few that i like... I figured that a few times I have seen videos on your blog that have music I like in the back, so we don't have too different of music tastes. sorry for the long comment!

Russ said...

Russ recommends "The Runaways" by Anberlin and "She's The Blade" and "Memory" and "Dead Living", all three by Sugarcult.

Russ said...

I also support Kristal's recommendation of Flogging Molly. Good Band.

Dawn said...

Oh...I forgot the totally upbeat and politically savvy Michael Franti. Neil and Erin will second that one.

Debbie said...

How about you bring your playlists over and let me have them and I'll give you mine! I never listen to the radio in the car so I need more music all the time! Plus I'm getting way sick of my workout music.

EriKa said...

We LOVE music over here...so i am going to throw out some names you may have never heard of...you should try them out at the library.
-Rufus Wainwright
-Imogen Heap
-A Fine Frenzy
-death cab cutie
-Diana Krall
-Lenny Kravitz
-belle & sebastian
-Beautiful South
-Letters to Cleo
-Jeff Buckley
-Michael Buble
-Jeff Buckley
Just to name a few...
happy singing!

Katie said...

Ever heard of Bree Sharp?

émilie b said...

For fun, try Looper - Mondo '77 from the "Vanilla Sky" soundtrack.

Sounds techno to me (but what do I know about music genres...), almost no lyrics, but sort of wacky and odd. Just a nice beat to have as a background.

Cool Dad said...

Pink Martini-alternative retro lounge music. Good fun. They're from Portland!

Dad said...

And, of course, Rufus Wainwright, Radiohead, and Wilco.

M said...

I love anything Coldplay, esp "Viva La Vida" from their newest album of the same name, and also "Strawberry Swing" and "Lovers in Japan" from that same album. You might also like Beyonce's new hit single, "All the Single Ladies"--it's super upbeat and fun.

Neil said...

Here are a few things to check out:

Gotan Project
Kings of Leon
Federico Aubele

and there is an compilation album called "Darker Than Blue: Soul from Jamdown" that I absolutely love.

I have to plug some reggae too:

Burning Spear
Peter Tosh: "Equal Rights"
Soldiers of Jah Army
Buju Banton
Barrington Levy
Toots and the Mytals: "Pressure Drop" and "54-46"

And lastly: check out Thievery Corporations: "Sounds from the Thievery Hi-Fi"

Esther Noelle said...

Yes Beyonce's All the Single Ladies is that Music Video you like at the gym.

Taylor Swift is the one who sings that teenage girl song from American Idol you said you liked - I like her and have her cd if you want to borrow it. Also I have David Archuletta. :)

We also like Augustana, Flypside, Matisyahu...

Lots of songs from So You Think You Can Dance, and the Grey's Anatomy soundtrack is always awesome!!

And oh yeah, ps, once you've collected all this awesome music I need to find a way to steal/copy it from you!!

monica said...

do you realize that i have all the music you will ever need in your life? my new favorites of late

-Matt Pond PA

and more from my current playlist
-Andrew Bird
-The Weepies
-Rogue Wave
-Missy Higgins
-Mates of State
-Greg Laswell

gosh i love all this music. let me know what you think.

Cindy said...

So I've actually been meaning to blog about this since last Christmas when I got the album... but my FAVORITE album for about a year now is called I-Empire by a band called Angels and Airwaves. The lead singer is the guy from Blink 182. The music is not so much Blink but it's still alternative and I LOVE it!! All the songs are SO good and it's the BEST album to work out to. If you decide to download any songs let me know and I'll tell you my favs!! Love ya!

stephanie said...

The other day I was listening to Phoenix and realized I hadn't recommended them to you... the shame! They are so good and so fun. Vampire Weekend is pretty great for house cleaning, too (this is usually my standard for music too). They've had some good singles on the radio, but their whole album is pretty great.

Russ said...

Ooh Ooh, I remember a song I used to listen to in High School that I think you might enjoy.

Your Woman by White Town

P.S. I had to look through all your posts to find this one. I heard the song on Pandora and thought, that song was awesome and I remembered your post about requesting music.