Wednesday, March 18, 2009

New Cell-y

I finally renewed my contract & got a new phone. It's not my style at all. I mean, can a phone have a style? But those who know me will know this is just not me. (this is my style)
But there were only 2 "candy bar phones" & this one was the free one. (I passionately HATE flip phones.) It's a tiny... tiny... mini phone- in fact, it feels like a fake phone but, heck, it's a phone! WOOT!


SO said...

So what do you have against flip phones you flip phone hater you!

Cool phone.

Three Kids and a Mommy said...

Congrats! I also hate flip phones. It's really hard to find ones that aren't these days.

As a sidenote, I think I owned that exact phone (though an earlier version of it) two years ago. Nokias are the best.