Friday, March 27, 2009

Swimsuits & Shorts

So, I haven't been the best at clothes posts lately, mostly because internet shopping gives me a totally unnecessary "case of the 'gimme's".

... but summer is fast approaching (not fast enough) & so I've been looking at swimsuits & shorts. I'm in LOVE with this jcrew swimsuit...
...and these jean shorts from Old Navy...
The ones I actually tried on (before a totally break down from both kids, so we had to leave the store) were a little worn. Yes, I like to buy pre-worn, with holes in them jeans. Am I alone?


Russ said...

Personally with all the stress I put my jeans through, I prefer to start not warn down with no holes. That's just me.


kaitlin said...


i used to be a hole girl, now i am all about dark nicer looking jeans that look new, you know?

but i LOVE LOVE that swimsuit.
like alot.
i have usually worn a tankini, but i kind of want to try a cute one piece this year.