Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tot School

My friend Es introduced my to this awesome blog of a woman puts fun activities & ideas for "organized play" or school for toddlers.
A few things I love about this site:
1. Lists of craft items & things to do with them
2. Pre-made games & activities
3. The idea of using lunch trays to organize various activities. (I got mine at Oriental Trading Company) I LOVE this because it keeps the activities centered & easy to clean
4. Her positive attitude about motherhood & teaching babies
We've started doing these activities (mostly crafts) not nearly as organized as she is because we honestly just don't have the space, but we've had SO MUCH FUN with just the few activities we've done so far.


Cindy said...

I saw this website on Esther's blog too and checked it out! AMAZING!! How are people SO organized!? I wanted to try these tot trays too (you've inspired me!).

Esther Noelle said...

I'm glad you liked the site. I'm bummed cause I was all gung ho and then now I'm all thrown off... need to get back in the groove....