Monday, April 6, 2009

Conference Weekend

I just love Conference weekend. Just relaxing & taking in the good word!

For Saturday morning we headed over to the Parsons. The kids had a blast playing together. Their being loud & breaking up wrestling matches means I'll have to re-read / listen to it to get the full affect.

While the men were gone for Priesthood Session Es & I headed over the McDonalds MASSIVE playplace (no seriously I drove FAR to get to this particular playplace- it's cool)

Then Sunday we watched in PJ's the WHOLE day! We never changed & it was glorious! Then we played so games with the Schmitt's while eating dessert.

All in all I feel spiritually & physically renewed. It's a great combo!

Please check out some of the beautiful & inspiring words here.

Anyone out there who watched it- what where you impressed or inspired by?

P.S. Previous Carter family conferences here & here.


brooke said...

I enjoyed Elder Holland's talk yesterday about how Christ went through so much alone. And how he as a man had to lose the companionship of the Father at the very end so that he truly could feel the pain and anguish we feel as when we're not worthy of the companionship and spirit of the Father.

Esther Noelle said...

Thanks for hanging out with me over conference! Good times...