Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Non- "Stuff" Presents

I just LOVED this article.

It discusses presents to give (kids specifically, but I think they'd work for anyone) without it being "stuff". There's a place for stuff too, but it's fun to think about some less conventional ideas.

Here are a couple of my favorites:

  1. Movie tickets
  2. A trip with the gift giver to a place both would enjoy
  3. Make a CD of pictures for them
  4. Art supplies (they get used up so fast)
  5. A family membership to a museum or the zoo
  6. A gift certificate to a “make your own pottery” place
  7. A gift certificate to a book store (books aren't clutter)
  8. Buy them classes in something they'd enjoy like cooking or acting
  9. Magazine subscriptions (the gift that gives all year)


SO said...

Those are all great ideas!!

Ashley said...

I like to request that my MIL pay for soccer for Rae, or a membership to the pool for the family. But she likes all the "stuff" too, so we usually end up getting both. :)

Linda, Mom and Granny said...
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Linda, Mom and Granny said...

Olivia, your Mom and Dad gave my favorite gift ever. It was my first Christmas as a Jeppson. They gave art supplies. I cried because it was so sweet and the gift said "you are an artist." Your parents understood me! Especilally your Dad.

Audra said...

I give Chuck E. Cheese coins. I buy them with a coupon and put them in a dollar store piggy bank. If I think ahead I buy a Chuck E. Cheese cup too so they can get free soda (if you bring them, you always get free soda once you have one). It gets used up, the kids have fun, and then I do not have to stress about what "stuff" to buy!