Thursday, April 30, 2009

Scott's Nickelcade Birthday

Scott doesn't like a lot of attention or hoopla for his birthday (too bad for me, since I adore planning hoopla) so we had a small get together at the Nickelcade in Orem & Scott's favorite meal at our house afterward.
The Nickelcade was a blast! If you bring a group of 6 or more they drop the addmition price & I bought everyone $3 worth of nickels to play with (too much, I don't think anyone used all their nickels).

It was also a pretty great place for kids. They are happy to just sit on the car games & pretend to drive, SkeeBall is fun just tossing the balls up, & they had all sort of little kid animal rides

All the boys found some game called Gauntlet & pretty much played it for an hour straight when we first got there. It was kind of cute. I mean, manly...

Here's a little taste of the festivities. Notice how it is blissfully empty- SO NICE! (ignore my "man voice" I'm sick right now)
Afterward we went to our house for 'build-your-own-burritos" & lemon meringue pie (Scott's favorite).

Happy 30th Birthday, handsome! Love you SO much!


April Carter said...

Wish we could have been there. It looks like so much fun.

Esther Noelle said...

It was a fabulous party! Yeah for Scott's birthday!

James said...

Oooh, Gauntlet! Good choice!

Audra said...

Levi and I were talking about that place the other day. We were wondering if it was still around! We went all the time and loved it!!! It was a nice cheap date.

SO said...

How fun! I need to remember nicklecade next year for my boys' birthday's. They would love that.

ZogDog said...

Oh man, the Nickelcade! Dang I wish I were there for that, I really would have enjoyed playing some serious Area 51. Glad you all had a good time and sorry I wasn't able to come, but happy birthday Scott and congrats on the big three-oh!