Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I dig school!

Okay, here's something you guys might not know about me ----> I LOVE GOING TO SCHOOL.

Once I'm done having babies & have sent them off to school I'd love to go back, but until then I read & try to learn stuff on my own.

So, I feel shy to admit it but, I decided to sign up for a short English/Writing continuing education class through Utah Valley University. My first day was yesterday & it really was a neat experience. 4 more classes to go & I can't wait!

I HIGHLY recommend it. If you are in the Wasatch Front area there are classes here at UVU & here at UofU.

Has anyone taken & loved a continuing education /community education class?

P.S. one of my first posts was about my love of school supply shopping


Jessica said...

I just signed up for some (very) beginner photography classes at our local camera store. My first one is Saturday morning and I'm super excited!

cat said...

I took a couple of online writing classes thru ed2go, very cheap and very fun.
Now I am back in school for credit and so far I still love it. I love going to school too, but not as much as I love shopping for school supplies.

Lindsay Jane said...

I'm proud of you - that's awesome!

Kristal said...

Yay! cute picture! I am totally going to get my masters in universal studies... Master of the Universe!

Em and Russ said...

Hey Liv, that's fantastic. After 8 boys, my mom has finally been able to renew her schooling, one class at a time. She loves it too.

Who's your professor? We have a friend teaching at UVU doing education courses. Dr. Waite is his name. He is fantastic, you would love his class.

EriKa said...

Can i just say...I am not a lover of school. If it was test free...then maybe. I guess that's why I majored in English!

I am very proud of you! You can do it!

Debbie said...

So fun. You'll have to post a little something something at the end. :) Darn it if only I'd have known to sing up a few weeks ago.

Dad said...

I'm so proud of you for doing the class. You'll love it. I have taken several continuing ed classes over time, including French, my first computer class 20+ years ago, Information Architecture, bookbinding, and neon art. I see more on the horizon.

Esther Noelle said...

Yeah for Liv! This is so neat! I'm proud of you! And I can see how happy it makes you which is so awesome!