Monday, May 4, 2009

REVIEW: Zombie the game

For Scott's birthday is brother bought him Zombies!!! the game. I know I'm partial because I love zombies in general but this ended up being a fun game.
There were a couple problems. The cards have gruesome pictures. If you can't handle blown up bodies, exposed bowels, or eyes popping out then I'd recommend staying away from this game.

Also, we played this with 6 people. It made the game take too long. I think we played for 3 hours or so & didn't even finish the game, we just gave up. It would be easier with a group of 4.
Other than that it was a really neat game. Totally recommend it to avid game players.


April Carter said...

At least it wasn't a hillbilly cannibal game. Zombies are scary for me...cause I look and feel like one most of the time.

Kristal said...

That game was pretty awesome and I totally wanted to finish, but then again, i had only been playing for like a half hour.

Esther Noelle said...

Yikes! Looks like it's not a game for me! :/